Serving Our Country

If a member of your family is currently serving or has served our country in the military we would like to post their picture on this page.  Please send us an electronic image in a .JPG format along with a short paragraph about them and their unit, and we will post it on this page. Any current photo will do, it does not have to be a military photograph. Email the information to the office of the clerk at:  and it will be forwarded to the webmaster for posting.  Thank you for your service!

Green Oak Charter Township resident Don Boyd,100, served in the U.S. Coast Guard as a chief radioman during World War II, which included Operation Neptune, or D-Day, on June 6, 1944.  Boyd served as a chief radioman in the U.S. Coast Guard’s Greenland Patrol during the war.  Boyd was aboard one of the Navy landing crafts, the USS LCI (L) 87, which carried the command staff for LCI Flotilla Four at D-Day, working the radios and translating Morse code coming in from the other ships.  The landing crafts were tasked with carrying troops or equipment into the invasion and then carrying soldiers off the beaches of France.  By the time D-Day was over, a group of Sixty U.S. Coast Guard coastal patrol vessels called Rescue Flotilla One, had saved the lives of 400 soldiers.  The flotilla included Boyd’s boat. 

When his military career ended in 1945, Boyd came back home to Michigan and spent a short time working for an Ohio based telephone company and a few factory jobs with Pontiac Motors and Ford Motor Company.  He retired from General Telephone Corporation at the age of 64 after working there for over 40 years.  Boyd currently resides in South Lyon with his wife Judy.  The couple have 28 great-grandchildren, 12 grandchildren, and seven children between the two of them.