Road Millage

The township surveyed residents in 2011 about police, fire, and general township issues. Survey 

The number one concern was the condition of the roads. As a result, the current board formed a road committee and a list of roads has been developed for improvements. The list of roads is divided up into four categories.

They are paved roads to be re-paved, gravel roads to be paved, gravel roads to be rehabilitated, and paved roads to receive double chip seal (seal coat). Following this section is a preliminary list of roads identified for repairs.

They are not in order of importance and detailed descriptions, length, vehicle trips per day, estimated costs, and pictures are included.

Since 1996 there has been several paved Roads and gravel roads improved around the Township. All of these road improvements have been funded by the general fund, partnerships and or Federal Aid Transportation Funding (qualified roads). 

To see the list of roads repaired since 1996, please follow the link below:
Repaired Road List

In 2011 the Township Board in partnership with the Livingston County Road Commission approved a road paving project for Rushton Road from the intersection of Nine Mile to the intersection of Doane Road just over a mile and a half. This project was a drainage repair with a 4" over lay of 13A modified asphalt surface and re-graveled shoulders.

There are few methods of funding for roads. The County Road Commission receives funds from license plate fees and registrations and a small amount of gas tax. The gas tax in Michigan is a locked price per gallon. The amount of road funds received from gas tax received has not changed from the time gasoline was $1.25 per gallon to the present $3.79 per gallon. In fact revenues have decreased due to less miles per year being driven and much more economical vehicles being driven. As a matter of fact, it is in our best interest to drive less and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. As such, funding for roads is very limited.

On August 15, 2012 the Township by board motion, directed the Township Clerk to place the proposal for a road millage on the November Ballot. 

Ballot Lanquage

Road Millage Proposal

Shall Green Oak Charter Township be authorized to increase the levy of taxes by up to 1.66 mills ($1.66 per $1,000.00 of taxable value) for a period of 15 years (from 2012 through 2026 inclusive) for improvements, repair and maintenance of public roads in the Township? Improvements would include paving of gravel roads, rehabilitation of gravel roads, repaving of paved roads and chip sealing of paved roads. If this new millage is approved and levied in December 2012, the estimated amount of revenue that would be collected in the first year would be approximately $1,375,206.00.

[ ] YES [ ] NO
Following is the preliminary list of roads identified for repairs. Not in order of importance.

Paved roads to be re-paved:

Whitmore Lake Road North, from M-36 to Winans Lake Rd.
Whitmore Lake Road South, from M-36 south to 8 Mile Rd.
Winans Lake Road, from Whitmore Lake Rd to the west Township line.

Gravel Roads to be paved:

Rushton Road,Doane Rd. to Silver Lake Rd.
Silver Lake Road, from Silverside Rd. to Rushton Rd.
Dixboro Road, from 10 Mile Rd. to 8 Mile Rd.

Gravel Roads to be refurbished

Dixboro Road,from Silver Lake Rd to 11 Mile Rd.
Marshall Road, 1/4 mile south of 9 Mile Rd to 8 Mile Rd.
Spicer Road, from Whitmore Lake Rd to M-36

Paved Roads to recieve Double Chip Seal

10 Mile Road, from Rushton Rd to Dixboro Rd.
Silver Lake Road, from Fieldcrest Rd. to Silverside Rd.

Minutes of Informational Meeting August 8, 2012 
Minutes of Informational Meeting August 13,2012