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Briggs Lake is a small, beautiful and private no-motor lake nestled in Green Oak Charter Township. Many residents have lived here for decades, and although individuals have previously addressed weed control, to date there has not been a whole-lake approach. Initiated in February 2011, a group of Briggs Lake residents met to discuss the significant weed growth on our lake, the main culprit being Eurasian watermilfol, a non-native and invasive species. This weed covers roughly half of our lake or more, and has a negative impact on our recreational activities, the overall health and beauty of the lake and the value of our properties. Working with our township officials and consulting with Aqua-Weed Control, Inc., we petitioned riparian property owners to create a Special Assessment District, which will manage of costs of implementing a lake treatment program. The response to the petition was an overwhelming majority - almost all of those we were able to contact said "yes", and thus we are moving forward! The treatment program proposed will be conducted over a 4-year period. During 2011 there is a set of lake studies being done as required by the Michigan DEQ. These advance studies will allow the use of fluridone in the spring of 2012 to treat the weeds. This product will provide a whole-lake approach, the most cost-effective use of our funds and the most efficient weed control. Additional funds are provided for required DEQ follow-up studies and supplemental weed control in the following two years; 2013-2014, as necessary. Our contractor will provide us with a lake management plan and study, and the actual treatment plan will initially target Eurasian watermilfoil and other nuisance weeds and algae as needed. We are very excited about this project.

Thank You Very Much Neighbors for your support!

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