Dean - Marentay District

The Dean/Marentay Historic District is on the west side of Rushton Road between Ten and Nine Mile Roads in the SE corner of Green Oak Township. William Dean came to Green Oak in 1836. He had been a merchant in New York State but lost his possessions in a devastating fire. Dean purchased land in Green Oak for farming and built a grist mill in 1840, which became the center of the Rushton community. In 1843 he built his single story vernacular house. He used 10" by 10" oak beams and oak rafters. A small smoke house was built in the back yard. Son Henry enlisted in the Union Army to fight in the Civil War. Local history records show that the Dean family home served as the enlistment headquarters for Green Oak recruits during this time. Son George continued farming with his father. William Dean died in 1890. George Dean served as township treasurer in 1875 and farmed the land until his death in 1914.