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Roads & Road Funding!

How are speed limits set? In Michigan, speed limits are set after a traffic study is done by the County Road commission. Once the traffic study is completed, there is a formula used by the County Road Commission, The State Police and recently the Township. This formula ensures continuity across the State for establishing speed limits on roads. For more details, use the following link.
Speed limits 

How can I have a residential speed limit set in my neighborhood?
Residential speed limit 

I pay a lot in property taxes, why are the roads so bad? The simple answer is that none of your property tax money goes to the road system. Funding for roads is based on license plate fees, registration fees and gasoline tax. The Township receives no funding for roads within the Township. We have been able to partially fund some road projects but this has been done by using General fund dollars and as part of matching funds with the Livingston County Road Commission and with the Federal Government. This type of funding is normally on major roads that are connector routes that benefit all residents of the Township. Currently the Township does not have funding available to assist subdivisions in repaving their road system. 

For information on road funding, follow the following links: 
Michigan Department of Transportation 
Livingston County Road Commission 

How can we fund our subdivision's road repairs? There are very few ways to fund a repaving or regraveling project for your subdivision roads. The two main ways to fund improvements are: 
Pass the Hat. This process seldom works due to the fact that not everyone is willing to contribute to a repair program and when the repair program is expensive, to finance any repairs would result in high interest rates and there is no guarantee that everyone will pay their portion of the financing.
The most preferred method of funding a repair program is establishing a Special Assessment District (SAD). The advantages is that everyone within the district must pay their fair share. Also it is spread out over 10 to 15 years. The SAD utilizes the full faith & credit of the Township which has an excellent credit rating resulting in a much lower interest rate. The payments are included on the winter tax bill. For more information, see the Special Assessment section of this page. 

Special Assessment Districts (SAD)