Historic Districts

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Diane Wynings

Mission of the Green Oak Charter Township Historic District Commission

The purpose of the Green Oak Charter Township Historic District Ordinance is to safeguard the heritage of the township by preserving historic districts, which reflect architectural history or elements of cultural, social, economic or political development in the township. The Ordinance calls for establishment of the Historic District commission, whose members are appointed by the Township Board to implement the purposes of the ordinance. In the 1990's a citizen committee interested in the history of the township recognized the need to preserve the pioneer homes and agricultural beginnings of the township. A study committee was appointed to write a historic preservation ordinance for the township in the late 1990's. This group studied the State of Michigan enabling legislation and ordinances from other geographic areas. 

The township planner gave guidance to the committee. The Green Oak Historic District Ordinance created by the study committee was adopted by the Township Board in June, 2000. A survey of structures was conducted identifying those that still existed from settlement of the township. With this information the committee selected six sites for preservation designation. Professional historic preservationists were hired to conduct intensive level studies of these sites documenting historic features and cultural contributions. All this information is on file at the Township Hall for public view. The original designated sites are:

                                                       The Sawyer/Butler cobblestone house 
                                                       The Governor Kinsley Bingham home 
                                                       The Olds/Read Greek Revival house 
                                                       The 1856 Green Oak Township Hall  
                                                       The Herald/Carson Queen Anne style farm house 
                                                       The Johnson district vernacular farm house

Three more sites have since been designated historic districts by the township following study and nomination by the committee.  They are:

                                                       The Hammond/Lintner farm house 
                                                       The Peer/Driver farm house and barns 
                                                       The Dean/Marentay house

The Historic District Commission meets with district property owners if they wish to make changes to the exterior of their structures. The Commission aims to preserve the historic significance of the sites. Appreciation of the historic districts in Green Oak Township enriches the lives of all who live here.