Why you are being asked to file Personal Property Taxes for your business!


 Issued under authority of Public Act 206 of 1893
Michigan General Property Tax Act

 **********************FILING IS MANDATORY**********************

 2021 Deadline:  Monday, February 22, 2021

 WHO should file …….

All commercial and industrial business entities with assets located in Green Oak Charter Township, regardless of value on Tax Day.  Tax Day is December 31, 2020 for the 2021 Tax Year.

WHAT is filed ……

Taxable business personal property includes machinery, equipment, furniture, leaseholds, etc., used previously or presently in a business, (including any property not currently used, placed in storage, or held for sale).

 WHERE to file……
Green Oak Charter Township Assessing Office
10001 Silver Lake Road, Brighton, MI  48116
Phone:  810-231-1333x110
Fax:  810-231-5080

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Small Business Taxpayer
Personal Property Exemption 2021
You May Qualify!

Taxpayers are no longer required to annually file Form 5076 in order to claim the exemption.
If a eligible taxpayer did not file for the exemption in 2019 or 2020, the exemption can be claimed for tax year 2021 by filing Form 5076 by February 22, 2021Once granted, the exemption will continue until the taxpayer no longer qualifies.  The taxpayer is required to file Rescission
Form 5618
and a Personal Property Statement Form 632 no later than February 20th of the year that the property is no longer eligible.  Failure to file a Rescission Form will result in significant penalty and interest as prescribed by PA 132 of 2018.

 To be eligible, a taxpayer must meet ALL the following:
The exemption must be properly claimed (this is done by filing the affidavit by the statutory
deadline February 20th; and
The personal property must be classified as industrial personal property or commercial personal
property as defined in MCL 211.34c or would be classified as industrial personal property or commercial personal property if not exempt; and
The combined true cash value of all industrial personal property and commercial personal property owned by, leased by or in the possession of the owner or related entity claiming this exemption is less than $80,000 in the local tax collecting unit; and
The property is not leased to or used by a person that previously owned the property or a person
that, directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or under common control with the person that
previously owned the property.

 Note:  Analysis is necessary beyond just doubling last year’s assessment.  Use Form 632, Personal Property Statement to verify exemption eligibility.  If you file exemption
Form 5076 you are not required to file Form 632, unless requested.

 If you feel you qualify for this exemption, you must complete, in its entirety, and return to the Assessor by February 22, 2021, the “Small Business Property Tax Exemption Claim Under
MCL 211.9c,” Michigan Department of Treasury Form 5076, available at, Government, Assessing, Personal Property Tax.

 To claim this exemption, the completed form must be postmarked no later than
February 20th
Your exemption may:  1) be denied by the local assessor if it is determined you do not qualify for this exemption; or 2) not be accepted by the local assessor if the Affidavit is not completely filled out or is received with a postmark after February 20th.   NOTE: Late forms may be filed directly with the 2021 March Board of Review prior to the closure of the March Board.  There are no other filing options beyond this final deadline.

 Taxpayers must keep adequate books and records for 4 years.  These records are subject to audit.

 Further information regarding this exemption can be found on the State’s website: Click on Property Taxes, then New! Personal Property Tax Information