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In 2000 the Hidden lake Sewer System was completed and made operational. Since that time, there was sufficient funding at the established 479.00 per R.E.U. (residential equivalent User) to fund the day to day operations of the plant. Over the last several years expenditures have increased to a point that it was determined that a rate study was warranted. The Township Board authorized the firm of Pfeffer, Hanniford and Palka to complete a rate study utilizing historical data along with known maintenance upgrades and forecasted cost for the next 10 years. It was determined that a new rate of $95.00 was needed from each REU to meet operations and to build up a replacement fund for capital items that will be wearing out in the future. 
The sewer committee felt that $90.00 was a more appropriate quarterly fee for this year based on some of the forecasted assumptions being conservative. At the June 20, 2012 Board Meeting the Township Board adopted the Recommendation of the auditor and the sewer committee establishing the new sanitary sewer rate at $90.00 per REU per quarter effective July 1, 2012. 

Below are several documents that make up the rate study including a document comparing the Green Oak Charter Township rate to other surrounding communities.

O & M Rate Study 
Performa Flow of Resources 
O & M Rate Study 
Sewer Capital Reserve Forecast 
Capital Projects Forecast 
Cost of Service & User Revenues 
Local Sanitary Sewer Rates