Zoning Ordinance

is Zoning?

Zoning primarily controls how property may be used and where structures may be placed on the property.  Different  regulations may be established to carry out specific purposes stated  for each zoning district, although within each zone land uses are  treated similarly.  This includes  land uses, density, building height and size, lot sizes, yards and open spaces, setbacks, signs and accessory uses.  Within  each zoning district, a category of uses is defined which require a  special land use permit in order to locate in that district.  The  laws are designed to allow owners reasonable use of their land while  protecting the rights of the neighborhood and the community.

The Zoning Ordinance and Maps should be reviewed prior to constructing, altering or locating land use within the Township.  The  Zoning maps are official Township documents that reflect the location of  the various residential, commercial and industrial zoning districts with the Township.  Both the Zoning Ordinance text and Maps can be inspected in the Planning Office.  A copy of the Zoning Ordinance or Zoning Map may be purchased at the Planning Office or viewed on this web site.  On the web site, click on ordinances and follow the index to the " Zoning Ordinance."