Zoning Board of Appeals

The job of the Zoning Board of Appeals is to insure that the spirit of the ordinance is observed and to provide residents a forum at which they can appeal issues arising from interpretations of the township's zoning ordinance. For example, the strict interpretation of the zoning ordinance might create a hardship when applied to a specific land parcel due to the parcel's shape or topography. Maybe a set back requirement prevents a reasonable use of the land. The function of the Z.B.A. is to hear these cases and make a determination to grant or deny a variance request to that unique parcel.

The Z.B.A. is similar to a court in that it conducts hearings, listens to the evidence presented by the applicant, determines the hardship, or lack of, and renders a decision. In the event the applicant is still not satisfied with the findings of the Z.B.A., the applicant may then appeal those findings to the Z.B.A. for a "re-hearing". If the result is still not satisfactory to the applicant, the result may be appealed to the circuit court. 

The Z.B.A. is made up of five voting members, with one alternate. One Z.B.A. member is a Township Board member, one is a member of the Planning Commission and the rest are residents from different parts of Green Oak Charter Township. The Township Supervisor appoints the Z.B.A. members, with approval from the Township Board. 

The Z.B.A. meets the third Tuesday at 7:00 PM every other month. These meetings are open to the public and are held at the Green Oak Township Hall. Agendas posted on the front door of the Township Hall prior to all meetings. 

Zoning Bylaws
Your Zoning Board of Appeals members are: 

Joe Weinburger Chairperson
Sarah Pearsall Vice Chair & P.C. Representative
Steve Showerman  
Dan Rainko Township Board Representative
Adele Niendorf  
 Bill Besso Alternate