Planning Commission                       Frequently Asked Questions

How to obtain a Special Land Use Permit:

Special Land Use Permits follow the same procedures as rezoning requests and take approximately 60 to 90 days to process. The final action taken may be to approve, approve with conditions or deny the application.

How is the public notified of property being rezoned?

The Zoning Administrator will order a sign and the applicant  will post  the property with a sign 15 days prior to the Planning Commission stating the meeting date, time, and address. The proposal is also advertised in Livingston County Argus newspaper as a legal advertisement at least (15) days of the Planning Commission meeting.

How is the public notified of a new subdivision development?

The Green Oak Charter Township Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on all subdivisions. Notice of the time and place of the public hearing will be mailed by the Office of the Planning Commission to the property owners within 300’ of the proposed development. The public hearing will also be advertised in the Livingston County Argus newspaper.

How can I speak in favor or opposition of an item on the Planning Commission agenda?

All items on the Planning Commission agenda are open for public comment. Those members of the public desiring to speak on a particular item should approach the podium and request to speak after the item is announced by the Chairman. They will be required to give their name and address and the Chairman will allocate a specific amount of time for members of the Public to speak.

I have a question about a rezoning sign that I saw posted on a piece of property.

You may call  the Planning & Zoning Administrator and request the information. Please provide the  street name of property and date of meeting and the rezoning case number printed on the rezoning sign.

What is a nonconforming use?

A use or activity that was lawful prior to the adoption, revision or amendment of the zoning ordinance but that fails by reason of such adoption, revision, or amendment to conform to the present requirements of the zoning district. Specific requirements govern the discontinuance of nonconforming uses. In addition, specific code requirements address damages and the ability to make major substantial changes to structures designated as nonconforming uses.

What is a conditional use?

Conditional uses are those uses which are generally compatible with the uses permitted in a zoning district, but require individual review of their location, design, and intensity in order to ensure their appropriateness on any particular parcel of land and the compatibility of the use with adjacent uses.