Master Plan

It is the responsibility of the Township Planning Commission to prepare and adopt a Master Plan on behalf of the Township. Section 6 of the Township Planning Act (PA 168 of 1959) states that the "Planning Commission shall make and adopt a basic plan as a guide for the development of unincorporated portions of the Township." 

The Township first adopted a Master Plan in 1972. The Master Plan was revised and re-adopted in 1999 and amended on December 17, 2014. Since 1970, population has increased by 81%, economic conditions have changed, and new Township Officials have taken office. The Planning Commission recognized a need to reevaluate the Master Plan and received authorization from the Township Board to begin the updating process. 

The Master Plan and the 1992 Green Oak Charter Township Community Planning Survey is intended to effectuate positive change in Green Oak Charter Township. The Plan is based upon the existing conditions, which are known, and future conditions which are reasonably expected within the Township. Perhaps most importantly, the Plan was developed only after extensive discussions were held by the Planning Commission and with members of the public. The purpose of such discussions was to ensure that the Plan properly addressed issues of the public concern regarding growth, development, environmental protection, and quality of life in the Township. 

The Green Oak Charter Township Master Plan is a community effort to respond to future challenges by planning for them today. The Plan represents the combined efforts of the Township Board, Planning Commission and individual citizens. 

The Township would like to thank the following groups and organizations from which input and information was received throughout the Master Plan update process: 

  • Livingston County Planning Department
  • Livingston County Road Commission
  • Livingston County Health Department
  • Oakland County Health Department
  • Huron River Watershed Council
  • Sierra Club
  • Southeastern Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)
  • Livingston County Home Builders Association
  • Environmental Research Council
  • Carlisle/Wortman Associates, Inc.
  • Green Oak Charter Township Historical Society
Copies of the Master Plan are available for purchase from the Green Oak Charter Township Planning and Zoning Department.