Low Impact Development

Storm Water Management through Low Impact Development (LID)

On March 3, 2003, Green Oak Charter Township became a permitted community under Storm Water Phase II under the guidelines of an urbanized area with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) and the EPA. During the spring of 2008, it was determined that Green Oak Charter Township was no longer required to have a permit and a the Township exercised our ability to exit the permit process. Even though the Township has withdrawn from the permit cycle, the Township has not abandoned its commitment to storm water protection. The Township was the first Township in Livingston County to adopt a comprehensive storm water management ordinance. 

Currently the Township is adopting the first State approved enhancements to the Natural Rivers District, fortifying the standards for the Natural Rivers along with establishing standards for streams and tributaries that feed into the Huron River.
Another level of protection from storm water runoff is adoption of the new State Wide Low Impact Development Standards.

The standards are incorporated in the Low Impact Development (LID) Manual. This manual was designed to be utilized by land use planners, developers, and anyone concerned with minimizing impacts to the environment due to growth. LID's goal if utilized properly means that the storm water quantity and quality after development shall emulate the same standards prior to pre-settlement. Pre-settlement means, prior to the area being settled. For information on the LID Manual, follow the following link: