Building Department

Office Hours:  Monday through Friday 8:00 AM-4:00 PM.



The Building Department is open for business with limited public contact in accordance with COVID safe provisions.  We are taking inspection requests, conducting inspections and issuing permits.  There are restrictions and work site requirements that are to be implemented.  A copy of her order can be found at -  You will find the information in regards to construction beginning on page 10 and required safeguards on page 11.   

If you must enter our building you will be required to wear a face covering, not be sick, and maintain social distancing.  Also, have all of your application forms completed and all supporting documents in hand prior to your visit.  There will be a bin in the lobby identified for Building Department – this is done so paperwork can be properly quarantined and no waiting line develops.    

We appreciate your patience as this change of life as we know it began back in Feb/March and hope it will continue as we have had to change some of our processes.  COVID safe guards require additional actions to be taken as a result there may be an increase in processing time for permits.  We don’t anticipate delays for performing inspections; schedules of days is the same as prior to quarantine.  COVID procedures require that only one clerical staff be in the office at a time; so please be patient when calling in or expecting an email reply.

Michigan Economic Recovery Council – Construction Practices 

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To assure building owners of sound, safe and sanitary structures and systems within structures and to assure all building users that their safety and welfare are protected by enforcement of the State Building Code with competent inspectors applying consistent and uniform building standards throughout the township. 

Adapted from Livingston County Mission Statement