Codes And Standards In Effect

As of April 20, 2017 the 2015 editions of the MI Building Code, MI Rehabilitation Code for Existing Bldgs., MI Plumbing and MI Mechanical Codes all go into effect.  If a project is currently permitted under the 2012 edition of the code, construction is allowed to finish under the 2012 edition of the code.

2015 Michigan Residential Code:  Michigan Errors & Conflicts
          Deck information
2015 Michigan Energy Code (Chapter 11 of MI Residential Code)

Residential or Commercial – 2015 International Swimming Pool & Spa Code:
Information required for permit submission

2012 Michigan Building Code
2014 National Electric Code & Part 8 rules
2012 Michigan Mechanical Code
2012 Michigan Plumbing Code
ASHRAE 90.1 - 2010
2012 International Fire Code, as referenced by the MI Building Code

Chapter 17 – Green Oak Charter Township Code of Ordinances

2009 International Property Maintenance Code, as amended by Green Oak Charter Township