Supervisor E-Mail Response 1-12-2018


Someone from Gamewood Drive is posting on that “the Supervisor of the Township told him that there are barrels of benzine on the 3-acre site on Rushton Road”.

This is an absolute lie. Never happened.

For everyone’s information, the contractor for the Township, the environmental consultant, MDEQ staff and myself were on site today, 11/27/2017 taking soil samples and installing 8 monitoring wells. Once that information is available, a meeting will be held.

 Mark St. Charles, Supervisor.

The purpose of this page is meant to place all the information available regarding the 3-acre parcel in one place for everyone to access. This page will be laid out with a narrative regarding the purchase, events leading up to the testing in 2008, discussions on possible uses of the site and subsequent actions in 2017.

In 1997 the Township purchased the parcel known as the Rushton Road 3-acre site. At that time, the board did not conduct a phase I, Phase II or a base line environmental assessment and as such, is responsible for any conditions that may apply to the site. At some time after the purchase of the property, rumors started surfacing that there were problems with the site. One trustee and the then Treasurer conducted a site walk and found scrap rubber from tires, several tires, several items of garbage and metal construction types such as buckets and machinery.

Of particular concern were several mounds of dirt. In 2008 the Township became interested in disposing of the property and conducted preliminary investigation activities of the mounds and surrounding areas. Listed below in the following PDF links are the results of the testing and correspondence between Green Oak Township and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, MDEQ and neighboring property owners over the last 20 years.

Preliminary Investigation Report 2008 By HydroLogic Associates, Inc.
Determination Request 2009 By Gary Rentrop
PEAS Complaint Filed Against 3-Acre Site 2016
Correspondence From MDEQ Rebecca Taylor And Correspondence From Dennis Dubuc To Ms.Taylor & Supervisor
Proposed Investigation Work Plan Filed With MDEQ June 12, 2017
Dennis Dubuc Letters To Ms. Taylor March 2017
MDEQ Letter To Green Oak Charter Township 5-1-2017

Four residential wells were also tested in the surrounding area including one on Game Wood Drive. That information is available through FOIA but since there is not written consent from the property owners to place it on the website, it will not be included.

Please click on the links for answers to address misinformation being circulated:

1.  The Township has a private deal to sell the property to Dennis Dubuc.
2.  The property owner to the east of the site was told that she should not let her children play in the back yard.
3.  At least one downstream resident in Lime Kiln was told to test his water because the Township property glows in the dark.
4.  Dubuc is cutting trees on the contaminated property.
5.  Report to MDEQ recently that Dubuc was cutting trees on township property again.

6.  Report recently to MDEQ that Dubuc again was cutting trees on Township property.

Additional information will be placed on this web page as time permits or as it becomes available.

For any questions not found on this page, please contact:

 Mark St.Charles, Supervisor
810-231-1333 ext. 102